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I am an English instructor working in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province.  I live in Wabu-eup, a district of Namyangju city, hence the name.  Namyangju (南陽州) is one of the many satellite communities which surrounds the capital city of Seoul, so I am never far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

This blog’s name is taken from the fact that I live in Wabu-eup (와부읍), or Wabu Township in the city of Namyangju. 

I teach a number of children, some as young as six years old and others as old as fourteen.   I do enjoy teaching them and hope that I learn as much from them as they do from me.

My interests lie in a number of different areas.  I am interested primarily in history, music (classical of course!), literature, the fine arts, architecture, and travel to different countries.  Additionally, I maintain a passionate interest in foreign languages, Chinese characters, current East Asian affairs, and the doings of family and friends back at home.

I do invite those so inclined to comment on this site.  However, much like news coverage in the People’s Republic of China, all comments are moderated.



  1. I love reading your blog, it’s very interesting and informative. I hope you never stop!

  2. I was surprised at your keen sight towards Korea and Koreans. Nice to see you.

  3. I just noticed this page. Very nice! So glad you do a blog! Keep it up!

  4. I like your last words. 🙂

  5. Came across your 21 Sep 2008 blog on the Latin Mass In Korea… do they still have it at Myeongdong? Are there other places it is said here in Korea (other than Pius Xers and the like)?

  6. I am interested in finding out where I can go to a Latin Mass in Korea. They had it at Myeongdong for a while, but it hasn’t appeared in the bulletin recently… any tips?

  7. Hi,

    I’m actually going to Korea this christmas, do you have any idea what time the xmas mass is for myeong-dong catheral?

    The website is super hard to navigate.

    Many Thanks

    PS: Sorry for this random request, I was googling for mass times and somehow your website popped up

    • I found the time of Masses at Myeongdong Cathedral:

      Dec. 24, 2009
      – at 7:00 pm: Christmas Mass (arranged for children, the old and the ushers)
      – at 11:00 pm, adoration before nativity scene
      – at Midnight: Christmas Midnight Mass celebrated by Cardinal Cheong Junseok

      Dec. 25, 2009
      – at noon: Christmas Daytime Mass celebrated by Cardinal Cheong

      Dec. 31, 2009
      – at 11:30 pm: music concert
      – midnight Mass celebrated by bishop Yeom Sujeong

      Jan. 1, 2010
      – noon Mass celebrated by Cardinal Jeong

      ◉ 예수 성탄 대축일

      ※ 12월 24일(목) – 오후 7시 (봉사자, 노약자)
      밤 11시 (구유 예절), 밤 12시 (자정 미사)
      * 주 례 : 정진석 추기경님

      ※ 12월 25일(금)
      * 교중미사(낮 12시) : 정진석 추기경님 주례
      * 미 사 : 주일미사 시간과 동일 (단, 오전 7시 미사는 없음)

      ◉ 2010년 새해맞이 미사

      지난 한 해 동안 하느님께서 내려주신 모든 은혜와 은총의 새해를 주심에 감사드리며,
      작은 음악회와 함께 2010년 새해맞이 미사를 봉헌합니다.

      * 작은음악회 : 12월 31일(목) 밤 11시 30분
      * 미 사 : 12월 31일(목) 밤 12시 (자정 미사)
      주 례 : 염수정 총대리주교님
      ※ 12월 31일(목)은 평일 미사와 동일합니다.

      ◉ 천주의 성모 마리아 대축일(1월 1일 금요일)
      * 교중미사(낮 12시) : 정진석 추기경님 주례
      * 미사 후 추기경님께 새해인사
      * 미 사 : 주일미사 시간과 동일 (단, 오전 7시 미사는 없음)

      • Do you know the time for Christmas Day mass in English at Myeondong Cathedra? Will be leaving for seoul this thurs, appreciate quick answer. Thanks!

  8. Hey, I came across your blog just googling Korean stuff. I also work in Wabu-eup in Deokso. Chances are I’ve seen you around since us foreigners aren’t too plentiful around here. Once I get time I’ll be sure to read your many blogs. I’ve only been here for 2 months so hopefully it will be useful.

    • Arianna,

      Many thanks for the e-mail. I’m not sure how useful you’ll find this site, but thanks for stopping by. You’re right about there not being many foreigners here. I’ve been here for 2+ years and like the area very much. It is quiet and not in Seoul, but still very close to Seoul. Also, you don’t get the same level of staring that you might get in a provincial city.

      For a really useful blog, I encourage you to visit The Marmot’s Hole at http://www.rjkoehler.com. That blogger also publishes a very useful magazine known as Seoul Magazine. You can get it at Kyobo, Bandi and Luni’s at COEX, or from some other places as well. He also published a very nice guidebook to Seoul as well.

      Welcome to Korea! I hope you enjoy it.

  9. I’ve been offered a job at Seo Gwangju ECC. Did you work here? Would you recommend it for a first year esl teacher in Korea? Thanks, my email is josephk006@gmail.com

  10. Hello,

    I am an intern with Busted Halo, an online magazine. We are doing a piece on Catholic vacation destinations, and we have chosen the Saenamteo Basilica as one of them. We are wondering whether we could use your image of the Basilica from your website.
    If you do not own the licensing to the picture, could you forward us to the site where you got it.

    We would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you so much!


  11. I found your blog by googling [“sacred harp” korea]. I recently moved from rural Georgia to Korea (Wabu-eup in fact) and was curious if there were possibly any singings to go to… I know it’s a long shot, but worth asking! And I’m interested in hearing your recommendations for similar cultural events. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your e-mail. I am delighted to hear from you. I’m not aware of any “sings” in South Korea. I’ve never been to one myself, though I would love to go someday. As for cultural events, if this is your first time in Korea, I would highly reccommend that you take part in the Saturday afternoon concerts of the National Gugak Center. Gugak is the traditional music of Korea. You can see their English website at http://www.gugak.go.kr

      Welcome to Korea! If I can be of further help to you, please let me know.

      • Thank you! I’m really interested in the National Gugak Center’s music lessons for foreigners. You should try Sacred Harp/Shape Note singing sometime when you have a chance, the groups that I visited were really welcoming to newcomers.

    • Hello! I also found this blog by googling Sacred Harp Korea. I am actually looking to start a singing soon! I have extra books and am looking into running a singing school. I have been here since April, and am in much need of a singing. Please feel free to email me at brian.christopher.sears@gmail.com or sacredharpkorea@gmail.com

  12. I am Father Cormac’s brother, Dick Antram. Fr Cormac touched many lives.
    One dedicated priest! I served in the Korean war in 1952 in the Army. Fr Cormac’s funeral drew a huge crowd. Yes, he touched many lives. One
    dedicated priest! God bless!

    • Thank you so much for your comment and thank you for your service to our country! I am honoured to hear from you. Your brother leaves quite a legacy behind him. I hope that he may, from heaven, find people who can carry on the work he did for so many years. May he rest in peace!

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