Posted by: rbbadger | February 21, 2013

Rosary Church, Kowloon

Hong Kong does have beautiful old churches.  One of them, the Rosary Church on Chatham Road in Kowloon, has occupied its present buildings since 1903.  The church was built on land donated by the Canossian Sisters.  The parish church was built through the donations of Dr. Antonio Gomes, a wealthy Portuguese resident of Hong Kong.

The Rosary has long been a favourite prayer of Catholics.  The rosary is divided in five sections called decades.  Each decade begins with the Our Father, or the Lord’s Prayer.  Then, there are ten Hail Marys and you finally end each decade with the Glory be.  While you say these prayers, you are supposed to be meditating on a mystery, some aspect of the life of Our Lord.  There were originally fifteen mysteries, but later on, Blessed John Paul II proposed five more mysteries he felt were good topics for meditation.

Above the altar of the Rosary Church, you will find painted all twenty of these mysteries.  It really is a lovely old church.

Interior of the Rosary Church, Kowloon Rosary Church Exterior


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