Posted by: rbbadger | September 4, 2012

Why I like Finland

A few years ago, I happened across a 60 minutes story called “Tango Finlandia”.  In this story, they capture the icy reserve of the Finns.  To be honest, the Finnish national character is one which I can very much relate to.  They are a very private and reserved people, as am I.  Also, I venerate Finland as the country which produced one of my favourite composers, Jean Sibelius.  Anyhow, someday I am going to visit. 

You can see that video by clicking here

Finland is a very active member of the European Union.  The presidency of the European Union rotates every six months among the member countries.  For six months, Finland held the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.  Currently, the presidency is held by Cyprus.  In 2013, the Presidency will pass to the Republic of Ireland. 

During the Finnish presidency, weekly updates of presidency news were given in Latin.  Latin, the dead language which gave us Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and many more Romance languages besides, still is the official language of the Catholic Church.  However, in practice, Italian tends to dominate and church documents are generally drafted in modern languages first and then translated into Latin.  The Finnish language is a difficult language to master.  Perhaps the smallness of the country and the fact that the language is, by and large, only spoken in Finland itself has lead Finns to become excellent language learners. 

Not only that, but Finnish Radio has a weekly broadcast of the news in Latin!  This week’s broadcast covers the Republican Convention (De conventu Republicanorum), the sentencing of Anders Behring Breivik (Breivik vinculis condemnatus), and the death of Neil Armstrong (Neil Armstrong vita defunctis).  You can visit the webpage of Nuntii Latini by clicking here.  

If you wish to see the old news in Latin from the Finnish presidency of the EU, you can see that by clicking here.




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  2. That video was so sad it made me laugh! 😀

    • Actually, the darkly depressive Finnish national character is one with which I can empathize. When I first saw it, I thought I was secretly Finnish all these years.

  3. Yes, I can identify with some of it too, but I’ve tried really hard to overcome some of those tendencies. I wonder if Swedes are like Finns in a lot of ways?

    • I think that Scandinavians as a whole tend to be more reserved, but Finns take it an excess! The quote about how a husband wouldn’t ordinarily tell his wife that he loved her was interesting. That is, unless they had been married 20 years and she was dying. I’m not sure why they are the way they are, but Aunt Deon and Tawna both confirm that they’re pretty reserved.

  4. Well, I do know that I have to have sunshine and fresh air daily or I fall into depression and there isn’t that much sunshine in Scandinavia which has to be a huge factor in this phenomenon.

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