Posted by: rbbadger | January 9, 2012

Things South China people like to eat

Living in Korea, I’ve gotten used to some unusual foods.  However, Korean food isn’t that unusual.  In other words, it doesn’t come close to some of the amazing things seen in Guangdong Province or Hong Kong.  While there are some things people might have problems with, such as dried fish (dried anchovies are a popular side dish), on the whole the food is pretty delicious.  The soups can be quite spicy and pungent.  People who are used to eating with Chinese or Japanese-style chopsticks can often have problems here, as Koreans like to use metal chopsticks.  Unlike China or Japan, a spoon is used to eat rice.  Not all varieties of Korean rice are of the sticky variety found in China and Japan.  Koreans often like to put the rice in their soup. 

Every so often, we will see a news report about how some Koreans like to eat dog meat.  There are specific breeds of dog which are used.  These aren’t the sorts of dogs one would have has a pet.  I’ve managed to avoid having dog meat stew, though sometime I figure I will have to try it at some point.  I have had raw fish, raw meat, pigs feet, baby octopus, and some other things I never would have tried before.  There are some Korean foods I definitely like better than others.  On the whole, though, the food is not scary.  Not all Koreans approve of the practice of eating dog. 

Korean cooking is not, then, as adventurous as Cantonese cooking.  The Cantonese, those people who live in Hong Kong, Macau, and China’s Guangdong Province, are quite fond of some rather exotic foods.  Koreans definitely would balk at cat stew.  The Cantonese would not.   

A Chinese billionaire was poisoned by a Communist Party official.  The billionaire died, though two other people managed to survive.  They had gone to a restaurant that serves cat stew and this Communist Party official allegedly poisoned the stew with a poinsonous herb. 

Speaking of China and Korea, the Lunar New Year, also know as Seollal (here) and as the Spring Festival (China) is upon us.  China Post issued new stamps for the occasion, but not everyone is impressed. 



  1. I saw that about the poisoning. Crazy! How did you like the pig feet? You are so much braver than I!

    • I don’t like pig feet at all.

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