Posted by: rbbadger | November 23, 2011

Chinese typewriter

The typewriter was, until the advent of the personal computer, widely used.  There were even Chinese and Japanese typewriters.  Needless to say, given the huge complexities involved with the Chinese character script, typing on a Chinese character typewriter is hardly easy.  I posted quite a while ago some thrilling photos of a Korean typewriter and a Chinese typewriter.  I would very much have liked to have played with a Korean typewriter I once saw at a photographer’s shop, but unfortunately, it was not working. 

The Hangeul (Korean alphabetic) typewriter is much easier to use than a Chinese typewriter is.  Here’s a thrilling video of a Chinese typewriter in action.  Needless to say, the best typists in China and Japan could barely manage to complete ten pages a day.  In fact, handwriting was a much quicker means of communication than a typewriter would be. 

Because WordPress is having problems embedding video again (Grrrr), click on the link below.



  1. My goodness, that makes me so grateful for our alphabet! Are their computers with our alphabet?

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