Posted by: rbbadger | November 20, 2011

La Académie Française

Language reform is a topic which has interested me.   Trying  to teach English spelling to Korean children can be difficult, to be sure.   One  could  justifiably say that English is in dire need of some spelling reform, but as it lacks any central body govering it, that isn’t going to happen.  Korean spelling  is pretty regular.  While there are irregularities in the language, they do  not reach the near-psychedelic levels one finds in English.  I sympathise completely with those who wish to purge Korean of Konglish.  However, I don’t think it will ever happen.  Konglish may well be here to stay, aided by the existence of an alphabet.  While one may well encounter Chinese mixed within English in speech,  most notably in Singapore, you would rarely encounter it in the written language.   It’s too difficult and time-consuming.  It’s easier to coin new words out of old ones in Chinese.

In France, the language is regulated by la Académie Française.  The academy, founded in the 17th century by Cardinal Richelieu, has long faced a losing battle in the quest to purge the language of English loanwords and grammatical mistakes.  They want “le blog” replaces by “bloc-notes”.  They’ve recently put up a list of words they want banned from the language.  You can read more here.



  1. I wish the 국어국립원 were more like this.

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