Posted by: rbbadger | October 23, 2011

釜山敎區主敎座中央聖堂 (聖十字架聖堂)

The Catholic Diocese of Busan was established as an Vicariate Apostolic in 1957.  In 1962, its status was upgraded to that of a diocese.  At the time, Jungang Catholic Church, now known as Jungang Catholic Cathedral or Holy Cross Cathedral, served as the cathedral church for the diocese.  It still has the rank of a Cathedral, despite the fact that the bishops and the Chancery have moved near Namcheon Cathedral, which is where I usually attend Mass.

This church is a modern church, but its modernity is pleasing.  I think it was probably built in the 1950s and indeed it has a rather 1950s feel to it.  I’ve not seen many churches in Korea that advertise their presence with Chinese characters.  This one does.


Here’s some more of the exterior of the church.

Finally, we have the interior of the church itself.  I love the wood ceiling and the natural light. 

There’s a crucifix on the back wall, but it doesn’t seem to show up well.



  1. You must go early to get a good seat? And take pictures? Do they let you play the organ? You could play some beautiful prelude music for them! 🙂

  2. Do you know the mass times on a Sunday for jungang and namcheon? Is there an english mass also? Thanks.

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