Posted by: rbbadger | October 2, 2011

Old Tram

On the grounds of Dong-A University in Busan, there is this lovely old 1950s-era tram.  Before the subway came to Busan, there were trams.  Many Korean cities have subways and Yongin City in Gyeonggi-do recently installed light rail.  You don’t actually see these old things operating anymore.

They also have the names of the places the tram once served written in Chinese characters.  You still see Chinese characters in Korean subways.  In Seoul, they only use the traditional set on their signage.  However, they are smaller than the hangeul (Korean alphabet) text and placed below it.  In Busan, the Chinese characters are meant for the convenience of Japanese and Chinese tourists.  Japan and China simplified their characters while Korea tried to get rid of them all together.  If Chinese characters are used in Korea, the traditional set, the same used in Taiwan and Hong, is official.  The Busan subway doesn’t use the the traditional characters at all.  Rather, they use both Japanese and Chinese simplifications. 

You can see that this tram serves City Hall (市廳), Seomyeon (西面) and Busan Station (釜山驛) among other places.

Brought to you by Taehwa Rubber.



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