Posted by: rbbadger | September 15, 2011

The theatre organ at the Sanfilippo Estate

Jasper Sanfilippo is the owner of the world’s largest theatre organ.  He was formerly chairman of the board and CEO of John B. Sanfilippo & Son, a major processor of nuts in the USA, one which is only second to Planter’s.  You might recognize their products which are sold under the name of Fisher’s Nuts. 

The organ, which is only part of his collection, is currently at his home in Barrington, IL.  He and his wife host an annual concert series.  Neither Mr. Sanfilippo nor his wife play the organ.  However, thanks to advanced MIDI technology, they are able to capture the performances that different organists give there and play them back on the organ in the comfort of their home.  Digital technology has made the player organ possible, I suppose.  Also, you can see some other amazing things he has in his collection.

Personally speaking, I don’t much care for theatre organs.  I’m not terribly fond of the sound.  I prefer the sound of a regular pipe organ.  These performances are quite fun, though.



  1. Wow that was fun. Daddy liked it too. We’re finally catching up a bit. Thanks for all the posts and pictures! It’s nice to know you are doing well!

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