Posted by: rbbadger | August 29, 2011

Solving the mystery of Ireland’s worst driver

In 2010, the Annals of Improbable Research awarded it’s 2009 Ignobel Prize for Public Safety to An Garda Siochanna, otherwise known as the Irish police, for having issued upwards of 50 traffic tickets to a Mr Pravo Jazdy. 

For those who don’t speak Polish, pravo jazdy means “driver’s license” in Polish.  Since joining the EU, many Polish people have moved to other EU states.  If you’re an EU citizen, you are free to live in any EU member state without having to get a visa.  Many Poles flocked to the UK and Ireland for work. 

Anyhow, the elusive Mr Jazdy, despite having racked up an impressive number of traffic tickets, managed to elude the police.  You can read how he did it by clicking on the link below.


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