Posted by: rbbadger | July 28, 2011

The British Mother Teresa

There is a nun, by the name of Sister Jacqueline Jean McEwan, who has become known in India as the “British Mother Teresa”.  She is a member of the Daughters of Wisdom, the religious community founded by St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort and Blessed Marie-Louise Trichet, in France in the early 18th century.  Since 1982, she has devoted herself to caring for the lepers in Bangalore.

Recently, the Indian government decided to cancel her visa.  She was given until the end of this month to leave the country.  The resulting public outcry forced the Indian government to reevaluate their decision.  In fact, she was just about to board a plane when the Minister of Home Affairs granted her a last minute reprieve.  She is now able to stay in the country indefinitely.

You can read more about Sister Jacqueline Jean McEwan and her work by clicking here.



  1. 130,000 new cases every year! That’s just crazy. It’s a good thing they have Sister Jean. I wonder what prompted them to reject her application? Odd, but I’m glad it’s taken care of now.

  2. Good for her. 🙂 Angels on earth, I say!

  3. If you could see the work done by many sisters past and present, you would be amazed.

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