Posted by: rbbadger | July 2, 2011

Anti Kim Jong-il graffiti

P’yŏngyang is the capital city of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Being able to live in P’yŏngyang is something much sought after among the North Koreans. Generally, they tend to get better rations than other cities do, though reports of famine have even been heard of there.

Those who live in the capital city have been specifically chosen to live there. Often, the people who live there are people who do not have questionable political backgrounds and who have not been in trouble with the authorities. Admission to the universities there is a goal much sought after by university students.

The North Korean authorities have been shocked by recently discovering anti-Kim Jong-il graffiti. The graffiti praised the late president Park Chung-hee for making South Korea rich while denigrating Kim Jong-il for starving his people to death. Also, an entrance door to one of the most important shrines to Kim Il-sung, namely his birthplace at Mansudae was stolen. You can read more here.

North Korean authorities have suspended railway travel between P’yŏngyang and other North Korean cities in order to catch the culprits.


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