Posted by: rbbadger | June 28, 2011

Korea’s equivalent of CCTV9

Central China Television is China’s state-owned television.  Among the channels they offer is CCTV9, an English-language TV station available everywhere on the mainland and as a part of cable and digital satellite packages everywhere.  CCTV’s news, as one might expect from an agency connected with the Chinese government, offers a consistently sunny take on the news especially where the government and the 中國共産黨 are concerned. 

In Korea, we have Arirang TV.  Arirang does have some interesting programs, but it does tend to offer a resolutely sunny view of the country.  While I definitely applaud their mission of bringing Korea and its magnificent culture to a wider, non-Korean speaking audience, sometimes I have to wonder if I’m watching CCTV9.  Harold Piper, a former editor of the Joongang Ilbo’s English newspaper and a former professor at Yonsei University, has criticized Arirang for being a mouthpiece of government propaganda and not welcoming other viewpoints.



  1. Yes, I agree. Arirang is way too much sunshine and happiness. Russia Today, the Russian English news network, is much better, and at least has a wide range of viewpoints, supplanting American news networks.

    • I do wish that they’d improve their news. The Korea Times and the Korea Herald have improved over the years, though I still prefer the Joongang Ilbo. In fact, the Korea Times ran last year a whole series of articles about cheating, low academic standards, and the general malaise of Seoul National University.

      I agree that Russia Today is pretty good. In fact, I generally tend to prefer reading US news from non-US media outlets.

  2. I wished that the entirety of the Korean edition of the Chosun Ilbo was translated into English. It has very good material too critical about Korea, outside its editorials.

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