Posted by: rbbadger | January 16, 2011

Labor disputes and foreign employees

The Ministry of Employment and Labor (고용노동부) has some important tools which foreign teachers may wish to consider using in case they are unable to resolve certain labor disputes, such as wage and compensation issues, with their employer.  It is now possible to petition the Ministry in English rather than going down to your district labor office, filing paperwork in Korean, and getting it to the right departments. 

Now you can fill out the paperwork and submit it through the e-people service at  You have to use the special forms used by the Ministry of Labor.  You can download them here.  After filling in your complaint, go over to the e-people site and upload your document.  They will read your document and determine exactly which government ministry has jurisdiction.  They will send the complaint to the competent district labor office where it will be investigated.

From my experience, it takes about two weeks from the initial filing to where the ministry contacts your employer.  I’ve only used this service once and I hope to never have to use it again.  But it’s good knowing that it is available should I ever need it again.



  1. It’s so good that you share your experience with this with others, so they are aware and know the best way to get things done there!

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