Posted by: rbbadger | September 4, 2010

Extreme weather

We’ve had quite a bit of rain in recent days.  The other day, I was awakened by hearing the windows on the balcony outside my door really shaking.  The door was shaking pretty hard too.  I got up and somehow got the balcony windows closed, getting a bit drenched in the process.  I wasn’t aware of it until I went back in and turned on the news, but a typhoon was passing through the Korean peninsula.  Some places got much harder hit than we did.  However, we did get about 150 mm (5 in.) of rain out of it.  (As a young student, I never thought that learning how to convert from imperial measurements to metric measurements would be useful.  It is very useful, at least for the purposes of this blog.  The USA and the UK are just about the only countries left which hold on their unique systems of measurement.  Korea has gone all metric.  You sometimes still see old Korean measurements used for real estate, though.

Anyhow, I was awakened a couple of days ago by loud rattling of the windows and my door.  There is a covered walkway right outside my room which also has windows.  I was able to get them closed.  We had forgot to close them in the night.  Anyhow, I was really amazed by it all.  I’ve never experienced wind like that in Korea before.  One of our teachers lives in Seoul.  She takes a bus to our school and it usually takes her about 25 minutes.  It literally took her two hours, as the freeway was crowded, there were accidents, trees down, flooding and heaven only knows what else.  But as far as typhoons go, it was mild.  You can see a couple of photos of the aftermath by clicking here.



  1. Wow! Three people were killed. That’s sad. I’m so grateful that you are okay! Thanks for the update! Love ya!

  2. wow, that’s crazy. bet you weren’t missing st. johns winds at all, were ya? ha ha. i’m so glad you were safe!

    • Actually, Kimberly, St. Johns did come to mind. I was thinking, we don’t have wind like St. Johns in Korea! And then I realised I was in Korea, not St. Johns, and that something unusual was brewing outside. This year’s weather has been a little unusual. However, Korea has been hit by typhoons before. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, the other half of the country and the island of Jeju-do were seriously pounded by some other severe rainstorms. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there were more in store. Mercifully, though, our geographical location prevents us from getting the worst of it. The people in North Korea are suffering, though. Because of inadequate infrastructure, there has been severe flooding throught the country.

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  4. Well, that was exciting, huh? Glad you’re safe!

  5. oh dear. i have such mixed feelings about north korea. part of me says, “they’re all crazy!” but the other part knows it’s the government and that the majority of the citizens there are suffering. 😦

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