Posted by: rbbadger | August 29, 2010


Text messaging and word processing have becoming very popular in China and Japan.  It is having a detrimental effect, as the younger generation especially is forgetting how to write quite a few Chinese characters.  While they generally can recognize the characters they learned in school when they see them, it is often difficult for them to generate characters from memory, as they have become out of practice.  When a Chinese person wants to send a text message, often he or she inputs the text in pinyin, which is Chinese written in Roman letters.  Menus of possible matching characters pop up.  The person then selects the desired characters.  Japanese people often input using hirigana or romaji.  Hirigana is a syllabary and Romaji is Romanized Japanese.  There are other input methods available, but some of them are really, really complicated.  Almost as complicated as the characters themselves.

You can read more about this problem by clicking here.


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