Posted by: rbbadger | July 18, 2010

Foreign clergy in Korea

There are still a few foreign priests here in the Republic of Korea.  One group which is still here are the Maryknoll Fathers.  They have a very good blogsite.  I thought some of you might like to see their recent post, “Our Habits Make Us What We Are”.  You can see it by clicking here.

Since the 1960s, the presence of foreign missionaries here has been decreasing.  There are some still here, but not as many as before.  There are now no foreign bishops running Korean dioceses.  The last foreign-born bishop, Bishop William McNaughton, M.M. retired in 2002 after a forty-one year-long period spent as the Bishop of Incheon where he is known as 나길모 (Na Gil-mo).  I believe that he still resides within the Incheon diocese.  Of course, the presence of foreign missionaries was never meant to be permanent.  The goal is to form native clergy and laity so that they may take over the running of their own local churches.  Currently, all of the bishops running dioceses are Koreans, as are the vast majority of the priests and sisters.



  1. I specially appreciate what Maryknollers have been doing in Korea. They are so humble and dedicated priests and nuns. And the importance of foreign missionaries never diminished in Korea; it has grown with rapid increase of expats staying in Korea.

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