Posted by: rbbadger | June 23, 2010

Det Kungliga Bröllopet

Here’s some video I found of the recent royal wedding between HRH, The Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Västergötland to Mr Daniel Westling who now, as a result of his marriage, rejoices in the titles of His Royal Highness, Prince Daniel Duke of Västergötland.  The Swedish monarchy has an, ahem, unique history.  During the Napoleonic Wars, the Swedish nobles figured that one way to keep Napoleon at bay would be to elect one of his generals as king.  Thus began the House of Bernadotte which has ruled over Sweden since the 19th century. 

I studied Swedish quite a long time ago.  Some of my ancestors on my mother’s side came from there.  I really find the sound of Scandinavian languages to be quite funny.  And despite my Swedish ancestry, I still don’t think you can say that it is a beautiful language.  I think I should take it up again someday.  I understood some of this, mostly due to my studies of German.  And so, here are some excerpts from the Royal Wedding in Swedish. 



  1. I understood NONE of this, but it seems like a fairytale wedding, huh?

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