Posted by: rbbadger | June 22, 2010

Lost shoes

I recently went shopping for a pair of new leather shoes.  I went to the shoe store, picked up a pair of shoes, and then hopped on the train.  After changing to the Line 2 train and realizing that I had a fairly long trip ahead of me, I put the shoes in their shopping bag on the luggage rack above the seats.  As is sometimes the case, I managed to fall asleep.  I awoke just as the train was pulling into my desired station.

I got up and made my way through until the realization hit me that I forgot my shoes on the train.  The train had long since departed.  Unfortunately, the Seoul Metro is now making human employees at the ticket counter a thing of the past.  I didn’t even know where I could go to report it.  You don’t even see people selling tickets anymore.  So lately, I’ve been scouring the website of Seoul Metro hoping that an image of my new shoes, which I’ve not even worn once, will turn up. 

So, anyhow, I’m hoping that these things turn up.  Otherwise, it is 90,000 won down the toilet.  On the other hand, in looking at the things they manage to find on the trains, a pair of lost shoes doesn’t seem so foolish.  In the past, there has been a bike worth about 3 million won, cell phones, a gas range, and much, much, more.



  1. Oh no! That’s too bad. But who would keep your shoes? Surely they are in a “Lost & Found” somewhere! Who else besides you needs size 13 shoes in Korea??? Hope you find them!

    Any word yet when you can take a break and come home for a visit?

  2. oh that stinks! but someone left a GAS RANGE on the train?! ha ha! how on earth did that happen?

    • Well, Kimberly, gas ranges in Korea are considerably smaller than those in the USA. You see, having an oven in one’s own house is not common. Bread did not figure much in the diet of Koreans until recent times.

  3. Well, if they can’t find your shoes, maybe you can ask to trade for the bike? Who wouldn’t want a bike? Or the gas range? I wonder which is the better deal….

  4. I just have to say it….

    “Awww…Did a wild animal run off with your shoes???” 😀 Ha Ha!

  5. I drunk fellow walked off with my shoes from a restaurant not long ago. The owner of the restaurant tracked the customer down and got my shoes back with about an hour.

    • I’ve actually sometimes been scared that would happen to me. Given that my feet are larger than most Koreans are, lost shoes would really put me in a predicament.

  6. What exact date did it happen? What was the color of the shoes or bag/box? I am browsing through the lost and found pages of the Seoul Metro website.

  7. It happened on June 20th. The shoes were in a shopping bag. The shoes are black in colour and large (about 295mm). I’ve been looking there, too. Nothing, alas.

    I was on a Line 2 train.

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