Posted by: rbbadger | June 16, 2010

War Memorial

Not far from the US garrison in Seoul, in fact right next door to it is the War Memorial, also conveniently located across from the Ministry of Defense.  I’ve been there once before, but I’ve decided to put some photos you haven’t seen yet.  This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. 

The building itself is quite nice.  The two wings extending out contain granite slabs bearing the names of the war dead from the ROK forces.  The flags on the right are those of the UN and the member states who took part in the war.  On the left are ROK armed forces regimental flags.

The names of USA and other UN forces are on bronze plaques at the front of the building.  The American forces who died are listed by state.  Here is Arizona’s memorial plaque.

Here’s a shot of a portrait of former president Rhee Syngman addressing the crowds in Pyeongyang.  Before the Chinese People’s Liberation Army came in, the UN forces managed to capture North Korea’s capital city.  Rhee Syngman went up there to address the crowds.  If I’m not mistaken, former president Rhee was originally from what is now North Korea.

The Korean War was definitely a terrible thing for both sides.  In some cases, families were split up.  One of my friends who is close to me in age has never met her own grandparents on her father’s side.  Her father was able to escape to the south, but his parents still remained in the north.  To this day, she and her family do not know what happened to them.



  1. That’s sad that families were split up. War is a terrible thing. I think it’s neat that they acknowledge the names of the people who died from other countries.

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