Posted by: rbbadger | June 12, 2010

Board of Audit and Inspection

The Board of Audit and Inspection, an oversight body of the Korean government which belongs to the executive branch, recently conducted audits into how the military responded to the sinking of the Cheonan.  This incident cost the lives of 46 sailors.  In his speech to the nation, President Lee Myung-bak highlighted the need for a thorough investigation, not just into how North Korea sank the ship, but also into how the military responded.

The Board of Audit and Inspection concluded their report on Thursday.  Apparently, the President was livid on reading its contents.  One should expect heads to roll in the coming days.  The Board is calling for severe disciplinary action against 25 high ranking military personnel, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lee Sang-eui.  The Board found that the Joint Chiefs of Staff did wilfully conceal information from the Minister of Defense and the media.  In the case of the media, they gave deliberately wrong information, changing the time stamps on videos to make their response to the sinking look swifter than it actually was.  Also, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lee Sang-eui, was apparently heavily intoxicated at the time of the sinking.


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