Posted by: rbbadger | May 25, 2010

Joongang’s take on today’s announcement

The Joongang Ilbo, in their coverage of the president’s remarks at the War Memorial today, has also included comments of the various ministers responsible for national defense, unification, and foreign affairs.  You can read more about the governmental plans here.  From today, the government plans to resume the propaganda broadcasts both sides halted in 2004.  Additionally, the South Korean air force will be dropping propaganda leaflets on North Korea.  While South Korea will continue to provide aid for children in the starving country, no other aid or investment in North Korea will be permitted.

The president spoke using strong words today, though not as strong as they could have been.  While he did not mention Kim Jong-il by name, he did hope that North Korea would hold responsible those guilty of planning the attack on the Cheonan.  South Korea has made amazing strides since the Korean War period.  For a long time, South Korea has not retaliated against North Korea, even when they did things like blowing up a Korean Air jetliner, murdering the entire cabinet of former president Chun Doo-hwan, assassinating the former First Lady, kidnapping South Korean civilians, kidnapping Japanese civilians, and much more.

As much as I can understand the desire for swift and brutal retaliation, this is a situation which calls for the upmost delicacy.


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