Posted by: rbbadger | May 24, 2010

As we wait with baited breath

Later today, the President of the Republic will address the nation on what South Korea intends to do to punish the North.  And of course, everybody wants to know if President Lee will name Kim Jong-il by name as the one responsible for the sinking of the Chŏnan.  I’m curious to know if he intends to publicly accuse Kim Jong-il, what title will he use to refer to him by?  In Korea, titles are all important and you never address an important person by name alone.  I would seriously doubt that he will refer to him as the 위대한 영도자 김정일동지 (widaehan yŏngdoja Kim Jŏng-il dongji, or the Great Ruler Comrade Kim Jong-il).  The title of President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea remains with its embalmed founder, Kim Il-sung who is the “enternal president”.  Often, the media here refers to Kim Jong-il as the 국방위원장님 (Gukbang wiwŏn jang-nim, Chairman of the National Defense Council).  Maybe that will be the one he uses.  I could think up several alternative titles for Kim Jong-il, but they would hardly be diplomatic.



  1. ha ha i love your last statement. it will be interesting to see what happens! yikes?

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