Posted by: rbbadger | May 16, 2010

Korean War photos

Last weekend, I visited the Cheong Wa Dae Sarangchae, a small museum devoted to Korea’s former presidents.  It is right across from the Cheong Wa Dae, or the Blue House, which is where Korea’s president makes his home.


Inside, I managed to snap a few photos of the colour photographs of the Korean War taken by former NBC correspondent John Rich.  In looking at Korea today, I can’t help but notice how very different it was sixty years ago.  The picture of Suwon is particularly stark, given that Suwon is one of the largest and most prosperous of Korea’s many cities. 

Here’s an interesting gift President Lee Myung-bak received.  It is a papal medallion from Pope Benedict XVI.

Also, if you want, you can have your photo taken sitting at this replica of the president’s desk.  (Because of my extreme aversion to being photographed and as I am not photogenic in the least, I didn’t take up that particular opportunity.)  The presidential flag is blue and is adorned with the national flower, the mugunghwa, or Rose of Sharon along with a pair of phoenixes.

And if you want, you can play with replicas of the Great Seal of the Republic.  These things are heavy indeed.



  1. oh boo. you should’ve taken a picture behind the desk. i’ve nearly forgotten what you look like!!

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