Posted by: rbbadger | May 13, 2010

What are they thinking?

One thing which still vexes visitors to Korea and Japan are the addresses.  Until just a couple of years ago, the majority of streets in Korea did not have names.  Japanese streets also tend not to have names.  The physical addresses are the lot numbers.  It is like addressing a letter to Lot 20 of the Oakwood Manor Estates Phase IV or some such thing.  That is now changing in Korea, though you would be hard pressed to notice that anything has changed.  Until Korea Post does something drastic like sending all the mail back that doesn’t use the new street names and street numbers, I rather think that things will stay the same.  Sure, there will be nice new street signs and numbers on the buildings.  But that hasn’t stopped KEPCO (the electric company) and GS (the gas company) from using the old address and me from getting their bills.  There is no need to send any mail to me using the new address, mostly because now I’m not entirely sure what the new address is.

For a while, before they finally put in street signs, my street address was on Jeong-seok 2-gil.  But now, it is some weird thing like Dogok-ro 289-beon gil (or Dogok Street Lane No. 289).  How does this make anything easier?  So here is the latest monument to government nonsense which, as we know from experience with the United States government, could become something even worse.


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