Posted by: rbbadger | April 18, 2010

中華民國國歌 (三民主義)

I do like hearing other country’s national anthems.  One we almost never get to hear is that of the Republic of China (Taiwan).  It really is a shame, too.  It is one of the more peaceful and nicer anthems out there.  Because of diplomatic niceties, if an athlete from Taiwan wins a gold medal, they will not be permitted to stand under their country’s flag or sing their country’s national anthem.  China claims that Taiwan is a part of its inviolable territory and refuses to have diplomatic relations with any country that recognizes Taiwan.  In order for Taiwan to participate in international events like the Olympics, they have to appear under the name of Chinese Taipei.  When althetes from Taiwan march in at the opening ceremonies, they carry a special IOC-designed flag that does at least have the symbol of the blue sky with a white sun on it. 

Unlike the martial national anthems of other countries, the anthem of the Republic of China is quite peaceful sounding.  The text was written by the founding father of modern China and first president of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen.  Sun Yat Sen is acclaimed as a national hero in both mainland China and Taiwan.  Unlike the national anthem of mainland China, it was written in classical or literary Chinese.  This is sung by A-Mei, a major pop star in the Chinese speaking world.  For singing this anthem at the inauguration of President Chen Shui-bian, she was banned from entering mainland China for a time.


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