Posted by: rbbadger | March 25, 2010

Jim Talent on Obamacare

Former U.S. Congressman Jim Talent takes a rather stark, yet realistic, look at what Obamacare will do the country.  The credit rating of the USA is about to be downgraded by Moody’s.  This means that it will be more expensive for the USA to borrow money.  Because of this new entitlement, things will get worse, not better.

It was a horribly crafted measure complete with the sort of shady, backroom politics long associated with the politics of Mr. Obama’s hometown.  Is this the sort of change one can believe in? 

You can read his take here.

On the other hand, a number of states have raised serious consitutional questions about the President’s health care plan.  The lawsuits have been filed, with Jefferson’s home state of Virginia leading the fray.



  1. His title “A Titanic Mess” describes how I feel about it too. We’re broke! How can they even think about this health care plan? It’s totally insane!

  2. My father recently had back surgery in Korea. Even though he has been paying over 200,000 won (apprx. 150$) per month for socialized health insurance system in Korea, only one third of cost was covered.

    In the same way, I expect you pay more tax money and still you will get a lot less coverage of medical bill in Obamacare.

    US might have to borrow money from China to sustain the new health care program, in the end.

    • Actually, Peter, you’re right about the Korean health care system. Thankfully, costs are considerably lower here than in the USA. But on the other hand, so precious little is covered under the National Health Insurance, which I also am covered under. Also, the national health insurance doesn’t cover much dental care. They don’t even cover cleanings. Again, thankfully those are cheap.

      I would look for this to be the new norm in America.

  3. Obama makes me so stinkin’ mad! It seems like so much of what he does is sneaky and underhanded. Why do we have to become socialist? I thought we wanted to stay away from that. That and Jeremy worked hard to get to our current point where we can afford to pay for our health insurance, and we do it gladly. I hate that he wants to take that away from us.

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