Posted by: rbbadger | March 11, 2010


I have posted videos of Korea traditional music before, but I’ve not posted any of Korean traditional dance.  The video that I’m posting here is of salpuri, one of the dances rooted in Korean shamanism.  Korean shamans, in performing rituals for the aggrieved spirits, often dance for long periods.  Many of the shamanic dances of Korea have been removed from their shamanic aspects and presented on stage as cultural artifacts in their own right. 

The music accompanying the dance is in the style of sinawi, a form of quasi-improvisatory music drawn from Korea’s shamanic traditions.  Like salpuri, sinawi has been more or less removed from its shamanistic point of origin to become a form of concert music in its own right. 



  1. i enjoyed the dancing, but i’m sorry to say i have not acquired a love for the music. i’m glad you’ve come to that point though! i’m about to the point where i need that dress. i guarantee my movements wouldn’t be nearly as graceful and fluid, but definitely entertaining! ha ha

  2. Ha Ha Kimberly! Funny girl, you’re not as big as you feel!

  3. This makes me remember – when I was at EA and had that Japanese roommate Emi, I brought home a CD of some sort of music (from India or something) just to see what it really sounded like. It was awful. Emi laughed and said, “Christine, I think you make mistake!”
    But I might need that dress too.

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