Posted by: rbbadger | March 8, 2010


My bank here in Korea is basically a credit union.  Originally established as a cooperative for farmers, Nong Hyup is now able to serve regular customers.  One of the nice things about Nong Hyup is that they often keep small stores within the bank itself.  You can buy some fresh Korean-grown produce in addition to taking care of your financial needs.

I noticed this little building a while back and wanted to take a picture of it.  I was finally in Insa-dong just recently.  Insa-dong is a neighbourhood with traditional tea houses, antique shops, Korea’s oldest bookstore, and quite a few other things.  It is happily free, with the exception of the Jongno Tower, of the skyscrapers and high rises that dominate most of Seoul. 

This is the Insa-dong Branch of Nong Hyup.  The building they occupy used to be the headquarters of the Chosun Ilbo, now one of the largest newspapers in the nation, if not the largest.  Given that historical preservation is something which Seoul really needs to improve on, it is nice to see that old and charming buildings like this are still around.



  1. that’s neat they have little stores in the bank branches. here, it’s the other way around. they have little branches in the stores.

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