Posted by: rbbadger | February 27, 2010

Kim Yuna wins the gold!

Kim Yuna, a figure skater from South Korea has won the first gold medal a Korean has ever obtained in figure skating.  She delivered a breathtaking performance in two successive events, not only breaking two world records, but also besting her rival Asada Mao (or in the Western style Mao Asada) of Japan.  This has been a very good Olympics for Korea.  So far, they’ve managed to do better than either China or Japan.

You can read about her peformance in The Korea Times by clicking on the link below.

One of the most tragic and yet inspiring stories to emerge from this Olympics was that of Joannie Rochette.  Rochette, a figure skater who hails from the little town of Île-Dupas, Québec, Canada won the bronze medal.  Four days ago, her mother Thérèse died in Vancouver at age 55, victim of a sudden heart attack.  For the first time, Joannie Rochette had to go into competition, and a major one at that, without the presence of her mother.  She did brilliantly despite everything.  You can read about Joannie Rochette by clicking on the link below.

While my older students were no doubt thrilled over Kim Yuna’s amazing performance, they also felt bad for Joannie Rochette and were generally quite supportive.


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