Posted by: rbbadger | February 22, 2010

서울특별시의원 (서울特別市義員)

Like Washington, D.C., Seoul has a special place in the law.  It belongs to no province, but has its own government.    Unlike Washington, D.C., which does not have representation in congress, Seoul does have representatives in the National Assembly.  The job of mayor of Seoul used to be a cabinet level position, one appointed by the president.  Also, all of the provincial governors used to be appointed by the president as well.  I believe that the Mayor of Seoul has a rank equivalent to that of a governor.  Currently, the Mayor of Seoul and the Provincial Governors are all elected.  Additionally, some of the largest cities have been given the designation of Metropolitan City.  Like Seoul, they do not fall under the jurisdiction of provincial governements.  They have their own city councils as well.  Seoul’s city council has over 100 members.

This is the city council building.  It has a very nice 1930s look to it.  From what I understand, it was built in 1933.  I really do love some of the architecture of that period.  Thankfully, this building still remains, despite the fact that Seoul is ever burgeoning and it seems that construction is an ever-present reality of life.


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