Posted by: rbbadger | February 21, 2010

Hanok Churches

Robert Koehler, a talented photographer, writer and editor often has many beautiful and interesting photos on his website.  Ganghwa Island, for some reason, has some exquisite churches done in the style of traditional Korean homes.  While my favourite still remains the Ganghwa Anglican Church, which I have visited and posted photos of, I thought you all might enjoy taking a peek at some of these.  He has some photos of Ganghwa Anglican Church and a stunning Methodist church done in the traditional style.

The Anglican missionaries tried hard to adapt to the local culture.  It is for this reason that they built quite a few churches in the traditional Korean style.

He also has some photos of some Catholic parishes in rural Korea.  Some of these are quite lovely and a couple of them even hearken back to traditional Korean styles.


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