Posted by: rbbadger | February 21, 2010

$110 for Ramen

I must confess to having a serious weakness for dishes involving noodles.  Some of my favourite Korean dishes involve noodles, especially naengmyeon, a dish of chilled soup and buckwheat noodles.  In Korea, you can also find wide variety of instant noodles.  My favourite is shin ramyeon, a spicy noodle soup put out by the food conglomerate of Nong Shim.  In Japan, you can also find quite a few varieties of ramen.  In Myeong-dong, there is a restaurant that I like to visit named Kenzo Ramen.  They specialize in many different varieties of Japanese ramen (as opposed to Korean ramyeon).  When I was in Fukuoka, Japan last, I did enjoy tasting some of the local varieties of ramen, something that city is sort of famed for.

Apparently, there is a chef in Tokyo who has elevated ordinary ramen to something of high cuisine.  Shoichi Fujimaki has introduced a variety of ramen made from about twenty different ingredients and takes three days to prepare.  It costs $110.  You can read about Shoichi Fujimaki’s Imperial Noodles by clicking on the link below.


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