Posted by: rbbadger | February 20, 2010


Today, we took the kids to Lotte World, a large amusement park in the Jamsil-dong area of Songpa-gu.  Songpa-gu is one of the districts of the city of Seoul.  Jamsil-dong is one of the neighbourhoods.  Songpa-gu is home to the Olympic Stadium and Lotte World, among other things.  Lotte World is a large amusement park and is a fun place for the kids.  Uniquely, much of it is indoors, something which is nice during the cold winter.  As we had afternoon classes, most of us had to go back, but not before going on a couple of rides with the kids. 

The young ones weren’t really that fazed by it.  Last time we went, we had many of the kids crying.  But this time, there wasn’t much crying.  They wanted to go again!

While Lotte World remains a major Seoul attraction, the really big amusement park is in nearby Yong-in, Geonggi Province.  Everland, owned by (who else?) Samsung, is really popular with the young.  I’ve not been there.  I’ve only visited the massive Korean Folk Village nearby.

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  1. Which rides did you ride on? I’m glad the kids liked it better this time! That makes the carosel in Superstition Springs Mall look small.

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