Posted by: rbbadger | February 19, 2010

60 years since the Korean War

Sixty years ago this year, one of most tragic conflicts in the history of the Korean peninsula began on June 25th.  Troops from North Korea came and quickly occupied much of South Korea.  Thus began the first UN-sponsored military action. 

Near the Dong-a Ilbo building, they had displays of some historic photographs as well as the flags of the nations who came to Korea’s aid.  Scattered throughout Gyeonggi Province are memorials to the various countries who fought in the Korean War.  I have visited a few of these.  Currently, US troops and Republic of Korea troops make up the bulk of the soldiers guarding the DMZ.  However, a few soldiers from Switzerland and Sweden make up the Neutral Nations Supervisory Committee.  Until Poland and the Czech Republic committed the heinous sin (in the eyes of the North Korean leadership) of giving up Communism, they also played a role as neutral nations watching an uneasy truce at Panmunjeom.



  1. The soldiers look so young. I always think many soldiers of WWII look too young.

    One of my parishioners cheated his age to go into army. He was wounded in Europe and delivered back to the States. Later, he served in Japan and landed in Incheon during the operation led by general Douglas MacArthur.

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