Posted by: rbbadger | February 16, 2010

Reading and learning foreign languages

Professor Shin Kyu-cheol of Far East University believes that reading is one of the best ways to learn English.  I have found from experience that reading in the languages I have studied (French, Spanish, German) is one of the best ways to build up exposure to the language.  Since not many people here speak those languages, I sometimes try and at least read some in those languages when I can.  While it is no substitute for the practice of speaking and listening, it can provide an exposure to speech patterns and culture one might not get in any other way.  Professor Shin sees reading practice as crucial to developing good English language skills.

You can read about Professor Shin’s thoughts on reading by clicking here.



  1. my problem with reading things is that i have to also hear it in my head. i don’t read silently very quickly…just faster than reading aloud, because i have to hear myself say every word. so when it comes to reading something in another language, argh! i need to know what it’s supposed to sound like or else i don’t get very far. i agree with professor shin though. reading a language exposes you to proper format, etc. i can get along okay with spanish because i am familiar with the pronunciation, but any other language, well…. 😀

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