Posted by: rbbadger | February 5, 2010

Gas boiler woes

I have a gas boiler in my house.  Unlike a traditional water heater, this thing heats the water right as it is coming through the pipes.  Usually, it works very well.  But lately, it has been doing something weird.  I noticed all these error messages flashing yesterday.  It won’t even try to ignite now.  And the owners of the building are taking their sweet time in fixing the thing.  Thankfully, it is warmer now.  But as I heated up pans of water this morning for my morning ablutions, I was taken back to memories of childhood.

I have had some interesting times with my gas boiler of late, such as when it suddenly decided to stop working on Christmas Day.  After adding more water, it was fine.  Now, it won’t even ignite.  Rinnai gas boilers do not use pilot lights.  Rather, an electric spark ignites the fuel.  Hopefully, it is just something simple, as I am longing for heat in the worst way.  All I hope is that it doesn’t require more parts.



  1. the owners of the building aren’t responsible for more parts if needed? i hope it gets fixed soon! happy warming….

    • They are responsible. They are just biding their time.

  2. It’s funny because if it was happening to their personal boiler they’d get it fixed right away, right? But hooray for childhood memories. It makes me think of turning on the bathroom heater even though we weren’t supposed to. Love that thing!

  3. Hope you have a bathtub and big pans! You could do like Daddy did on the Rez and stand in a washtub and wash yourself! Hope they fix it soon!

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