Posted by: rbbadger | February 2, 2010

Cursive in Chinese characters

If you look at Chinese characters in their printed form, especially when the traditional style is used, you immediately notice that many of these are really complicated.  One wonders how one would write quickly in Chinese.  There are, however, varieties of Chinese cursive script.  Some of them are so difficult to decipher that only persons who are well schooled in them could hope to even begin to decipher them.

Gyeongbok Palace has a couple of examples of Chinese cursive.  As is traditional, each building bears a plaque with its name written in Chinese characters.  While these are generally not in cursive, there are a few examples of cursive plaques there.

If you click on this link, you can see an example of Chairman Mao’s handwriting.  However, like the above examples, this is a semi-cursive script.  For a full cursive script, click on this link.


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