Posted by: rbbadger | January 21, 2010

Don Massimo Palombella, s.d.b.

There have been rumours that the current director of the Sistine Choir, Monsignor Giuseppe Liberto, is due to be replaced.  Many people have been rather critical of his directing, especially since the singing of the Sistine Choir leaves, how shall we put it, much to be desired.  One problem is that they all want to sing like opera singers, something which helps neither Gregorian chant nor Renaissance polyphony, two areas of sacred music which are highly treasured by the Church. 

It has been rumoured that Don Massimo Palombella, S.D.B., a priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco, was to take over the role.  Father Palombella currently serves as director of the Coro Interuniversitario in Rome.  This choir is made up of students of Rome’s various universities.  But I have read elsewhere that Monsignor Liberto was reconfirmed to his post.  Anyhow, here is Father Palombella conducting the Coro Interuniversitario in Tomasso Ludovico da Vittoria’s Ave Maria.  The singing is a bit too operatic for me, especially considering the style of music they are singing. 


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