Posted by: rbbadger | January 19, 2010

Foul-mouthed teacher earns praise from students

As I think back on the teachers I’ve had, I can honestly say that I’ve had some great ones.  Some of my best teachers were in English.  My weakest subject is in math.  I am honestly quite terrible at it, something which would have been a severe handicap had I grown up in the Land of the Morning Calm.

I had a math teacher in high school who came off as a sort of a curmudgeon.  He was strict and his lessons weren’t easy.  However, I gained some of my best grades in math under his tutelage.  He may not have been approachable as some of the other math teachers.  But he was capable of imparting the subject in a way where I could start to grasp it.  He was, looking back, a great teacher.

The Korea Times recently featured a math teacher who is famed locally for getting good results from the worst students.  He is known for cursing at his students and using an exaggerated gesture of beating them with a shovel.  However, his students praise Woo Hyung-chul for doing what they had thought impossible, that of mastering math and science.

You can read about Mr. Woo here.



  1. Does he really beat them with a shovel? You can be firm without being foul mouthed. Who was the math teacher you had in hs that you referred to?

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