Posted by: rbbadger | January 11, 2010

Yanghwajin Foreign Missionaries’ Cemetery

Near Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine, one will find the Yanghwajin Foreign Missionaries’ Cemetery.  The Protestant missionaries who came to these shores in the late 19th century were interesting people.  They did much for the people here, founding schools and hospitals, many of which still exist today.  The Underwood Family founded Yonsei University.  Yonsei University also has one of the best hospitals in the country, the Yonsei Severance Hospital which was donated by Louis H. Severance, is the first modern hospital in Korea. 

To be a missionary in Korea in the 19th century, the Presbyterian and Methodist churches generally expected a lifetime commitment.  Entire families came to these shores.  Some were doctors, others were nurses, some were teachers, and some were pastors.  On the headstone of one nurse’s grave, it reads, “She hath done what she could”.  There are some great people buried here, worthy of rememberance both in their home countries and in Korea. 

Some of the graves are those of children.  Here is the grave of Sheldon Hulbert, a one year-old boy.

There are some very prominent graves here as well.  Here is the grave of Mary Scranton, foundress of Ehwa Woman’s University, one of the most prestigious women’s universities in the country.  Also, I am posting up a photo of the grave of Henry Appenzeller, a Methodist missionary who founded the Methodist mission to Korea and who died while saving the life of a young Korean girl.

Here is the grave of Sherwood Hall.  This is a traditional Korean-style grave marker. 

My favourite is the grave of Homer B. Hulbert.  His grave states “I would rather be buried in Korea than in Westminster Abbey”.  He was a longtime friend of Korea and its people.  He was eventually expelled by the Japanese.  Then came the Korea War.  He is buried here, as were his wishes. 


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