Posted by: rbbadger | January 11, 2010

Archbishop Ro’s car

Today, I attended Mass at one of my favourite churches, the Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine.  They recently redid the museum in honour of the Korean martyrs.  I have some more pictures which I will post tomorrow. 

They had a section in honour of the late Archbishop Paul-Marie Ro Ki-nam.  Archbishop Ro was the first archbishop of Seoul after it became an archdiocese.  He was also the first Korean ordained a Catholic bishop.  I was surprised to see that they’ve added a wax mannequin of the late archbishop, dressed in his own vestments.

Apparently, Archbishop Ro was the owner of a Hyundai Pony.  This car was one of the first Hyundai automobiles ever made.  The legendary Chung Ju Yung, founder and chairman of the Hyundai Group figured it was time that Korea began making cars, especially since Hyundai started as a mechanic’s shop in Seoul.  With the help of George Turnbull, a former managing director for British Leyland, the Hyundai Pony was born.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to get a good shot of the car, given that there isn’t much space to work with. 


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