Posted by: rbbadger | December 31, 2009

Cute Christmas ornaments

We have a Korean teacher who teaches math and Korean language to the kindergarten students.  She’s a really wonderful and effective teacher.  She is also really creative.  This year, she got the kids to help her make their own Christmas decorations.  She took photos of each student and then had them cut out and put together their respective ornaments. 

I thought you all might like to see these. 

The last two photos of are two of my all-time favourite students.  Bon, the girl in the photo, is the daughter of some of my favourite Korean people of all.  Her parents both work for the Presbyterian Church in Korea.  They are really kind and wonderful people.  She is the only girl in her class.  She is sort of the big sister to all the boys, even though they’re all the same age.  The boy, Andrew, is a really delightful student.  He tries really hard and is always so attentive.  He has a really likeable personality, too.



  1. They’re so cute! I forwarded your email to your sisters. 🙂 I didn’t know you were going to post them on your blog. I’m so glad you love your students. We’re proud of you and the work you are doing! How is the search for a new contract going?

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