Posted by: rbbadger | December 28, 2009

William Shatner parolas Esperanton? Pro tio, ke nun estas timiga!

William Shatner is a pretty unique actor, all things considering.  Note that I did not say that he is a good actor.  However, he is unique. 

Back in 1965, Shatner starred in a horror movie by the name of Incubus.  This film, long thought to have been destroyed by fire, was discovered again in France and put out on DVD.  The unique thing about this movie is not that it is a horror show and not that it includes William Shatner.  It was written entirely in Esperanto, the language invented in the 1880s by Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof, a Polish ompthamologist.  Esperanto does have loyal speakers and even its own literature.  William Auld, a Scottish author who wrote mostly in Esperanto, was considered for the Nobel Prize many times.  Nevertheless, Incubus remains just about the only feature film shot entirely in Esperanto. 

For those of you who wish to hear William Shatner speaking in Esperanto, you can watch this clip here.  Scary, huh?



  1. Daddy watched this and I told him to leave a comment, but he didn’t. I haven’t watched it yet, but he said to tell you it’s too scary for me. 🙂

  2. Well, I just find William Shatner’s acting scary, no matter what language it is in!

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