Posted by: rbbadger | December 24, 2009

Ton Koopman plays Bach

Apart from Jan Pieterszoon Sweenlinck and the Dutch masters of Renaissance polyphony, the Dutch haven’t really produced many “great” composers.  However, they have made up for it in spades in painting.  Rembrandt and Van Gogh were natives of The Netherlands.

At some point, The Netherlands in general and Amsterdam in particular became the place for early music.  So many of the leading interpreters of the music of Bach and other baroque masters either are natives of The Netherlands or studied there.  They’ve produced artists of the quality of Gustav Leonhardt, Frans Brüggen, Ton Koopman, Marion Verbruggen, Bob van Asperen, Jaap ter Linden and others.  Prominent early music performers who studied there include the French-born Christophe Rousset, Barbara Thornton, and others.

The Netherlands also contains quite a few ancient organs.  The organ in Haarlem’s Sint Bavokerk was played by the young Mozart on a concert tour of The Netherlands and Belgium.  Ton Koopman, one of the preeminent Bach interpreters of our time here plays the “Little” Fugue in g-Minor by J.S. Bach.



  1. That was pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing!
    Are you ready for Christmas? Do you have a long break? We got your postcard of the Olympic Stadium. Thx! Love you!

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