Posted by: rbbadger | December 19, 2009


Now that fears over swine flu have largely subsided, we decided to take the kids for an outing.  Over by the GS Mart in my city, there is a place, run by a nice older couple, where kids can jump on trampolines.  The kids had fun and exhausted the teachers.  However, they are never exhausted it seems.

It is funny, but quite a few of my students have had the swine flu.  We’re still taking standard precautions.  They have to wash their hands with an alcohol-based handwash before entering.  And we do still take temperatures.  But the kids are not afraid to admit to having had it.  “Where were you last week?”  “Oh, I had shin jong (신종) flu”. 



  1. Looks like fun! They sure are cute! 🙂

  2. Glad they got to get out and romp and play!

  3. corwin is jealous and demands a trip to grandma badger’s house to jump on the trampoline. or the ones in the pictures. whichever. 🙂

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