Posted by: rbbadger | December 16, 2009

Where we should eat

This is mostly for my family.  When I return to the states next, there is a restaurant I think we should check out.  Apparently, the Valley does sport a Korean restaurant.  The food is, alas, a bit more expensive than it is here.  Korean food is very inexpensive in Korea while Western food, with the exception of the fast food places, is quite a bit more expensive than back home. 

Looking at their menu, they seem to have all the classics of Korean cooking.  It would also be a good occasion to experience something that is very common here.  With some of the meat dishes, the meat is barbecued right at your table.  And it seems that they have this.  So, next time I’m home, let’s go here!



  1. A few months ago we found a Japanese restaurant in Gilbert that opens for lunch and dinner and closes in between. The chairs were pulled up next to the grill and we watched the guy make our food right there. It was fun and way yummy!

  2. sounds good to me! are you buying? 😉 ha ha i’m thinking i’ll get the “mozzarello cheese sticks breaded Italian-style”. that’s authentic, no? ha ha i think this is a great idea though!

  3. Okay! Just talk Daddy into being adventurous and getting something besides a hamburger! 🙂

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