Posted by: rbbadger | December 6, 2009

Rail strike threatens the university dream of a young man

In Korea, all railway operations take place under the aegis of the Korea Railway Corporation or KORAIL for short.  KORAIL has recently been enduring problems with its unions.  A number of workers went on strike.  Soldiers from the military and other places were called in to drive the trains.  One of them went up the wrong railway, delaying trains for up to forty minutes while the regular workers were on strike.

Because of this, Lee Hui-jun, a high school senior who was in first place in his class as well as having high scores on the dreaded university entrance examination, may be forced to forego his education for a while.  Because of the subway strike, he couldn’t get to the interview at Seoul National University (SNU).  His home city of Siheung, Gyeonggi Province was going to give him a scholarship which was contingent on his attending SNU.  Because his family is a poor one, he will most probably not be able to go to university this year.  I only hope that he can get into a good university somewhere.  You can read his story here.

If there are sufficient legal grounds, and if his family could find a lawyer willing to represent him pro bono, they really should sue the union.  KORAIL is taking criminal and civil action against the strikers.  Good!



  1. that’s so sad! i hope he can get into a good university still.

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