Posted by: rbbadger | December 3, 2009

Deoksu Palace throne hall

Deoksu Palace is one Korea’s smaller royal palaces.  And like the others, it has been ravaged both by time and by the Japanese.  This is where the Gwangmu Emperor, Gojong of Joseon, lived and died.  It is where he was forced to abdicate by the Japanese and it is from where that he witnessed his nation eclipsed by Japanese imperialism.

Like all the other palaces, there is, of course a throne hall.  The Junghwajeon is not as large as the throne halls of some of the other palaces, but it is a nice building.

They had the lights turned on this time, so I was able to get a better photo of the interior.  You will notice the throne, which is on a raised platform.  Behind the throne is an abstract painting of the type that only the king could have in his possession.  It bears images of the seven peaks, the sun, and the moon. 


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