Posted by: rbbadger | November 28, 2009

The Cathedral of the Madeleine at 100

The words “Catholics” and “Utah” are often seen as two terms which don’t go together at all.  Nevertheless, the Catholic Church has been in Utah for a good long time now.  Perhaps as a sign of determination to remain in Utah, Catholics built one of the most impressive cathedrals in America, the Cathedral of the Madeleine. 

When the cathedral was originally built, the interior was quite plain, especially in comparison to now.  During the episcopacy of the second Bishop of Salt Lake City, The Most Rev. Joseph Sarsfield Glass, CM, the Cathedral was significantly renovated and adorned.  Many of the feautures which adorn the building now, such as the brilliant frescoes not to mention the tympanum over the main entrance, were added during the Glass years. 

Here are some images from the Salt Lake Tribune celebrating one of America’s most unique Catholic cathedrals.  The music is sung by the choristers of the cathedral’s choir school.  Unlike most Catholic cathedrals in America, the Cathedral of the Madeleine has a choir school.  It is made up of children who have auditioned for and been accepted to the school.  It is a Catholic parochial school with a choral mission, if you will.  In addition to their studies, they are also responsible for providing the music for many of the cathedral’s services throughout the year.  Such an institution is very common in the UK, but it is rare in North America. 


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